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We carry everything you need to maintain a healthy pond. The products we list and review are ones we currently use or have tested and recommend.

Bead Filters

Water only goes through the multiport valve when backwashing. Simply move 2 push-pull type valves and the water flows through the multiport valve to allow for backwashing, rinse, etc. Then move the push-pull valves back to their original position and water flows through the filter as normal but unrestricted. Water enters the lower port and exits the upper port going back to the pond. Why is all of this important? It allows you to run a smaller more energy efficient pump to do the same job. This is good for the environment and your pocket book.

Bottom Drains and Skimmers

The first step in building a pond is ensuring that waste products are efficiently removed from the system. The application of skimmers and bottom drains is essential in this regard. Pond Skimmers can remove as much as 85% of debris before it settles to the pond bottom and are the most effective way of reducing maintenance and increasing the quality of water in your backyard pond. The addition of a pond skimmer will greatly reduce the maintenance and increase the enjoyment of your pond. Pond skimmers are designed to work with other types of filters, as a sort of pre-filter that removes the larger elements such as floating leaves and other debris, which would clog other types of biological or chemical filters. The same deris would also clog the pump.

Ultraviolet Sterilizers

ZP-20 43 in. tall…for ponds up to 20,000 gal. with flow rates of 6000 g These exciting new UV sterilizers were designed to work with today’s low amperage pumps and high flow filters, such as the AquaBead line. High Intensity-70,000 microwatt output. 316 Stainless Steel- not 304 like most stainless units. Longlife Electronic Ballasts. Optional GFIC protector. Long 12′ cord or longer by special order. 2″ inlet/outlet. 4″ Diameter keeps the water close to the lamp for maximum kill in a single pass. 4″ Diameter vessel is the perfect size for no restriction flow. Quartz Sleeve LeakTite fitting is all stainless, including the lock down nut – not troublesome plastic like some units. Lamp changing is easy – takes only minutes. Adjustable pressure switch equipped for automatic easy on/off as flow demands.

If your pump fails this unit shuts off so you don’t cook it. Pressure switch bypass button equipped for easy testing of lamp and ballast. Can be mounted horizontal or vertical. 1 year warranty on the lamp. 5 year warranty on the rest of the unit. Polished inside and out for maximum effect- some stainless steel UV’s are polished only on the outside. ZAPP 20…..43 in. tall….for ponds up to 20,000 gal. with optimum flow rate of 6000 gph. Draws only 86 watts.

In order to find the most suitable equipment for your personal needs and pond, please contact us so we may recommend the best products for your pond set up!

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