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To ensure the safety and condition of your koi, we prefer to ship from airport to airport. We will generally pack your koi early in the morning, immediately deliver it to the airport and ship it the same day. Unless otherwise specified, this is the standard method by which your koi will be shipped.

For small koi, overnight delivery to your door is also available. Since the koi will be in the shipping box for at least 24 hours, you must be available for the first delivery attempt or full replacement of the koi will be waived by East Coast Koi Imports in the event of damaged koi.

Shipping Rates
Shipping rates will vary. However, on average, airport-to-airport delivery within continental United States costs about $80 per box. Average shipping rates are about $160 delivered to your door. 

Packaging Information
Our koi are carefully double bagged in water and pure oxygen. The bags are then placed inside a large, sturdy Styrofoam container to minimize temperature fluctuations during transport. The Styrofoam container is then sealed inside a heavy duty cardboard box used for shipping live koi.

Refunds on Koi
We offer full refunds for our koi in cases of excessive damage to koi or death during transport. Note that what happens after transport is your responsibility and is beyond the control of East Coast Koi Imports. While we do everything we can to minimize the stress of travel of our koi, we understand that accidents do happen. However, in order for us to provide a full refund, we have to make sure that all necessary precautions and care have been taken to ensure the safety of the koi. Therefore, certain limitations and restrictions towards replacements do apply.

1. If the koi is shipped airport-to-airport by air freight, it must be picked up from the airport within 2 hours of the flight arrival.

2. If the koi is shipped door-to-door, it must be received on the first delivery attempt.

3. We must receive confirmation of your receipt and the condition of your koi within 5 hours of delivery.

You may call us at 919.810.9669 or send an email to to let us know that the koi has arrived safely. If you fail to confirm the arrival of your koi, all liabilities or damages will be forfeited. If upon receipt of your shipment, you discover that your koi is not alive and you have confirmed the arrival of your koi with us within the appropriate timeframe, we will give you store credit for the full amount of the koi not including the shipping and handling costs. To receive this, you will need to provide us with the photo of the entire koi with its tail cut off. Your koi are guaranteed to be alive on arrival. However, if your koi were to perish within 24 hours of arrival, you may be eligible for a 50% store credit. Shipping is not included in the 50% store credit. To qualify, you must provide us with a water sample from the pond or quarantine system that your koi was held in and a photo of the dead koi with its tail cut off. Photos of the dead koi can be sent to us by email ( or mail to the following address:

East Coast Koi Imports
3705 Mason Road
New Hill, NC 27562


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